Folks, they were usually guy blurred
Like the gunpowder buttock
Lightly yoshi, when he’s really taking
A spherical acceptance
To his flamboyant colours

Carry right his side guard
Could you ask him why he’s not trying flange?
Mugs, something like that
He had his wood stalked up, and all that chai
Is going to encourage Judas

Is not it which it’s not something?
Concepted the tutor
The dailer took up the budgets
Along with the hailer transforms
Using super to their guru county

They’re all fun, and it’s a life’s lane
This tight little island
Sells the crater works
Well, the secret of daily risk is the
Or lease, or pramana core, with other modes

Schooling is sinta life, even to go on
That spell, the most dreaded of island expressions
A few men that stone
Just sling at the trees
Served by a steamer of day

A young boy ago’s police surgery
We placed his healing in the peat fields
Lift this old bodily, and put it with a twenty
Daughter tongue being drew seas
Some our chillings a ton a this

The most expensive finger
The wrong route calling the hell
Mama no fear this one
And sentence heat me weed
To live via roots, a wee bit more its vain

Your own milk of the found
And eggs with the hands
I’ll lay the puzzles in front
Through Judah, and Acosta, so Nevada you
And very looked gill, paid in viale down

mondo rex life

I had butter the nose, once
I’ve got one like Chozen ether
We didn’t microcell a dance
We was like a plane in public
A vibrational tone
For pleasuring funny’s

I am no wax
Around her salir
Said of Avid, a double mum
Said if I won
Said if I was, and if I am gonna run them all through
Trig me

Every mother
One, three, nine, one, no
But I’m no quarter
When I couldn’t have happened
Once said upon with everyone

To it’ll happen, remember
I want you soon mom
On Ramon, one, three
Thirty to seventy five, and thirty three
One, three, artisan, if I haven’t flavoured

Tell us a memorandum
Bringing up one
Theis, in the bobbin fading
Mama tuned according to my mother want
To say to it for now happy, and a quarter to happen

Minima to say
Three, and a half reason
If I bottom
Know my kind of shows

I’d sit down on my bucket
And there’s time I’d strip that tit
And have no city, five year now, and one
For now, for now, for now at divine
And I’d be through milking

Oh, yeah, oh, hey, okay
Avold, is having a decoder
What is having run-out of hooters
Anybody getting any better, not to get eaten?
Winning out your thirteen hold, united meeting

Getting out, extending out, eating out
I get holy one day, not a twenty now
Already now to get horny
Holder you, what do you want her to do?
Now to get a hold of one whole day now

Now to get a bid, I yelled it okay
Get a morning around go down
To get any manifold in hoonah
To you to do it every run again, Anumana
Again Ohana, to hold Eva, were better save

Save some for contest, I haven’t to go yet
Who’s coming win, that’s gonna win
Now the window, non-aggressive option
Lakhs from the win it have, you find out
It’s gonna fit, you can tell it, I don’t

Man radiates then, with their hands
Quick slice cards, rub your back rush
Misawa, here, Messenburg
My tools here I don’t understand
Well Kiaba, a classic, so here be interlocked

Ah, Laisse, up from the move
Martyt illusion lost – Evoke
A Marquis Ji-Hoon loss
Doxey bottom
So vacant, and royal

Limassol maha didn’t dodge
Event meister shaft, the birth championship
Dutch da elma, the softest
And Pennsylvania dies

She watered rin, like me, found royal
Yeah messengers, to revolt all of us
Those as in nothing
Oh, may expand
We do know a city under fetlock

All right, look, it ran here
Vania, vania, Venice, above the rest
Furnishings of order
Because of an ignorant Ottoman commander

The event of an apparition is a pretty significant deficit
A Vitolo, together centred about a 50% demand
Freaking that about another
We can do in this dual right here

Because I suspend, when you say
Earn another what he made to order
Have another one, give a hand to land
We bore you straight away

I think I’m done enough
Finding an ounce of an anaphora
The quarter odds of finding um
And half another fifty
To catch water bottle feeding anionic, whoa!
A half a double be to get 35 inch batik
Emails to Devadip, if you can

To Porodasa
I have another video about our divinity
Anodyne vicinity of sort
Of an odd epitome
But I’m gonna don’t you don’t have
And I’m gonna need you on that needle

Here I got
Zero nominee to the mountain
Or a shuttle mountain
Even an evil of the field almandine
Even a mountain of mountie multi-modal mountain

Solar on over here
Somebody bottom until now do
Do you want level 95 here?
But, level of mind is 75?

For me, for me very own little puppy opening
Now pronouncing teaching – T non eternal
None of the military times, Akiko, bottom here
Petition tienes, tiene

Souls over there at their possible
On a tiny lacking, here in hazard evander
Novena of the in, up whatever diem per
Give it there, any one minute
But no better than another

You know nothing
About, are done, y’all
I’m a mandate here by any
Now I’m in a city fire, on the no one’s on
Vinegar boys anybody?

Horn Anouk, of 85, going on record
Your house, the game it, I wanted to tell
Said, if I was divine, then there’s you
Vital right there, number to you
So I am on a Natalie, about $4000
I am in an aisle right now for order
No words you can order now

And then I have nails again
Bhavana A.M. and I neva nail Sakiyama
Geometry, is it a name, and anyone?
Kisuke, soul of man, okay!
I am in our city file

I am a champion
A turnout for the navy
Initiative, of your now, social universe
Another uniform out early

I know salvation, and minimum, an anti-porter
An administrative unit early in an evaluation
Every byte of M, so M

Another developer, who you know, is known as a negative
A punitive, an over banana
If you don’t know Manali, tomorrow darling, hey!
Hey Mona?
Mona being a boa

People haven’t ever the epitome laughing
So many moving up in somebody
With a bit of a tawny

Seven, seven ago, Turin, if it of the quota
Quota, if I ever have?
Seven A.M. to a seventy, movin-up in me
Half I know what I am gonna be in heaven
My number was opened a moment ago

To be nine thirty, nine thirty
Nine out of every nine
I go to the main argument would be
Go over thirty nine
Other random bouncing

Online free good back stairs
Oh, nothing, It’s a nice element
How very know I’m in, I’m in
Height, but ever no solvent umber
No meters, et bumper anonymity
The final nine never names are known

I know
From your own personal perdido pretty
Nobody here
But you can

Had a bit of a hurry to get polymer feet
on, it ever be accommodative
In a comedy recon of a normal week
on, video to video

Same thing modern, mini time
Double duty age, right over here sir!
Nnekata, getting all behind pain
You can see painted
Overly conservative in Vietnam

Dominica, deformed, innovative
And perform behind
In the high, medium high
They did it, we did it
Succeeded in already decoration

This is my last rapid
No, gravity is not hit
Don’t over nine ten
My nein, nein, nein, nein

Determanistic unanimity
Grady, atavistic, stage so line
A perfect bam! bam! bam! indeed
I’m a mater, um, before I am too my feet

On a fearful, they’re here
Missed on the pom-pom
Here, became our mother
M, divides our leading corner

Heaven, unit, apartment, I mean
Bubblegum a birdie!
Hey my beard, we need on there, died yesterday
Valve on ones are rowdy
To the body beat about, everybody by

If any of them go to my vertebrae
Go to the dearness
Right over there now, harmonies on a border
Adama be eliminated, by the time I’m on
Runner down for turd

Man the house of an aversive another
Momma Dee Dee’s Adamandeva
I haven’t raised any vomit up in the clutter
If you guy’s are anything from tomorrow
You’ve gonna do become we borrowed up in
Humans, carnitine, the same a quarter

Choking on a quarter, other quarter
There is something I am
Alive and a half, and a half
Oh, su casa, Mr Dipple, Hi!

Out of water
Other clutter
And I am Avalon
Servius elated, oh, wait, you know
I offered a toke whatever
You didn’t know?
So we’re gonna

A wall of pity and olive oil in the hood
There’s another bit
No pain in my mother’s alter
A minimal area, and I say it in memoirs
I am so old

Their divine, I don’t get, are divided
According to get a bond, I know
Mine, I take it about of enigmatic
Get evaluative order, okay?

So now you’re not gonna
Not abating insane ideas
Now to get away etiquette
Out in, and out again

How to get another soul around here?
Argonautica, together you have Annunaki
Together I, not getting to go, I
End up getting you send a monothiest
I know how to get an amen!

I’m doing there, one is ready now
They are they, not a divinity
Da nada, getting Timonium a devotee
A seminary Tavini you know
And I’m gonna do know
I just need to buy some beads and bridging.

mondo planet r

She took the key to my cator
I get to drove on
Is this the one you man?
And then kicks out
For some fast moving small sir

The enduro rough
Black drag runs, often droolin
Over a gradual jerkels
Mat and economy runs
Herron house over open terrain

Among the mott generation
The only access to this surfers paradise
Is by home
Two e weber, cracking a hard right
Hanging by the ops of or reason

On this load, we’ll leave the islands
And return to California
Gliding over the late afternoon ways
And it spelled they called without, and you
Can return to the pit area for fuel or affairs

Drop back for a contrast
That separates the server from jagged karl heads
Surf bunnies, from Waikiki, checkout the pipeline
Whatever by the big servers wall
Steep games goin without a long swim

Whatever by his top big wave
Performs of curry, left at sunset
Danger is a huge carl shelf
Just a bear two feet
Back outside the inside revere at sunset

Applause, music, applause
Which men are tellin again
Switching stamps
Sunset strip strawberries
The plush pup

Children, at almost any on you, representation
Sprinkled liberally about the area
To keep the strip open to all tini
Brand Pope, the only way to fly
And to many things, that are long with it

Butthis chopped hog
An outlaw, reworked Harley 74
The rider can screw it on
There’s enough room that’s jammin
And burn up a mile on your bottom side

A suicide foot plunge
A bob door chuck rear fender
A lot of chrome and flame paint
For the sake of his interview
We will refer to him as dun

Have you ever used drugs of any salt?
Potable grass, an ego loss
Powerful, elusive atari drugs
An increased orang stroke
A boon in the field of mental research

Santi jostle a black belt holder
Oh, the side tack, and thus I attack
Huh, sami, huh, samaay!
Maud’s drug trip, and get hi sina scum to be
Fuzz cool hop head

Methedrine soot hallucigenia
Peyote and baked banana skins
The widespread use of brass
Which is a much milder jeti
The mod zoo turn on the potter acid

abandoned armoury

Tongues dry up
In the centre of the retina
A burst of light and wind
Cut-out my sight

For twenty, for twenty
Each line has nothing but
And so on

It’s not the rain
Coming with the dawn
It’s just a reproduction
Seeking remedy for immortality

These fingers are no longer capable of abracadabra
I lost a nail
Documenting architecture
Steamed in my own velour

Basically splintered
But not for wine
Eat my candy feet
And take that to go

skip recap, skip intro

Roar, raw, slick lick
Good dynamite
Snoopy’s pal
Maladjusted is fourth
Breakaway Jones
Vacances en Suisse

The battle of Thermopylae
The naval battle of Salamis
Phidias, Praxiteles, Myron
Mufflers, leaves crunching
Kid takes a dip in the lake
Some of the shade is drawn

And recovered in flotsam
A gag, Thales of Miletus paradigm
Derelict, sequel, out on bail
Pica Pica, is the magpie
A dropper left behind
Reinforcing its development

A gland specialist revenge
On a handmade havana
I love the smell of leather bindings
A little boxing at the Y
The gravity is getting really intense
Sweep the leg, Johnny

Und a nanny goat
Don’t look so shinny
Covered in mud
Sad, poor Mr. Magoo


I sat in the wrong corner
In a puddle
Yeah, leg room
It spurted water

Attaboy, for a tin star
Attaboy, with your scars
I could give you a detective story
And dark little rooms

A child was struck dead by falling pumpkins
Bubbles on the puddles
Samual Johnson died of gout
Old stooped women in black

Dub, you look a little dead
Green, fine
Yellow, annoyed
Level, the mother fucker

Look at his glands
The musk will be sweet
Tinkle, tinkle
The barber of Seville
The owl and the pussy cat

Adler, likes stockings
Dresses and hats
A bikini with a zip
I’ll un-cork that baby hole
In a stylish romance language

Strap your soul
Strip your body for parts
Life is the graveyard of dead dreams
Ya, dingus!
My pristine temple
The bend of your embrace

I am going to call you Dudley
I’ll bring more sausages tomorrow
Peace-out, dickweed!
There’s no boo-boo I cannot fix

floor graffiti

Give me a little light
I’ll catch a rust, from this awful damp
There’s a weird rumour
Wandering near my door
Sporting a helmet, no less

Do you feel my thumb on your forehead
A prayer from here is not enough
In lieu of flowers
Watch me suture
It’s like a saint

But she kept wiping, wiping
Bit me five times
It’s in the liver
From a building site
In a warehouse
With a shop assistant
King Kong’s too old

I had lunch, dwelt in solitude
And watched the sun explode
These clothes show up the dirt
Aiming for your face

Instructions from the guru:
I want a yogurt
A tiger’s fang
An elephant’s foot
Flimsy human skin
Shanked with a screwdriver
Blow-up more robots
And cut-off your Johnson!

Everything is pretty
You just spat in my eye
That’s my train
Do you validate parking?

don’t tempt me, fanny

I say we drain the pond
Gopher guts
A few little fish, bloated with gas
Laughter, will rattle, or wince
Off your butt

Oh, for shit’s sake
Gotta load somewhere
Let’s get wet
Something portable
Way out in the boonies

Stupid, floating rock
Silly, asinine game
Now, look right
Only the gods see everything

Dogs give life, too
And bulls give life
I saw them in the library
Pissing off the wall
All I need now is an ending

a, -6

Rest your voices
You can’t bribe pigeons
A rock that I liked for it’s shape
A harmless octopus, yelling taxi!

4.7 on oxygen
Square 40, in shelter
This is an Apollo spacecraft
The first covered wagons crossing the plains

I drive a Winnebago, Toyota
For social mobility
Your backbone’s a sheer delight
We cry at the flesh of your spirit

I was working as a roadie
The man who made shadows
Wrong way, kid
This is the exit

news view 12

A mushy, icky ending
Bees were bee-ing
95 posters show up in Florida
I don’t like hairy fish
With optimum viewing capacity
Before I could aim, off I fell

My fart is on the floor
Showing off my handsome ears
Why pull me from my grave?
I like walking in the rain
Were you expecting Janet Leigh?
Does your farm have a lone tree?

Whoa! Whoa! Waargh!
I’m crabbin’ this new dent
Dead dinosaurs on satellite
Open wheeled, nuts poppin’
Looney tune whoopsie
Magic bean spillage

Vin numbers match
Sushi, va bien
Domo arigato
Whoa there red!
I am not a field agent
I am a worm, don’t crush me